District Industrial Potentiality Survey Reports
Proper product selection is one of the crucial steps involved in starting an industry. The success of the entire project depends upon the proper selection of the product. A prospective entrepreneur has to take many factors into consideration before finalising a product for manufacture ( or service). While availability of resources like raw materials, fuel, land, skilled labour etc are crucial for some products, proximity of the market, technology, pricing etc are major factors in deciding the product in some cases.
In order to help new entrepreneur's select proper products, MSME-DI, Hyderabad periodically undertakes District Industrial Potentiality Surveys to identify products that can be undertaken in the concerned districts. These studies are undertaken by qualified and experienced staff with good knowledge of the respective district's background. The team of officers tours the district concerned, meets all major District level authorities, Bankers, Rural Development authorities, Industrialists, Industry Associations, agriculture markets etc to identify the products.
The district's resource endowments - agriculture, horticulture, livestock, poultry, fisheries, sericulture, mineral deposits, etc -are studied to explore possibilities for industrial exploitation of surpluses. The existing industrial climate, market, infrastructure like transport (road, rail, airway, and waterway) communications, power, water, industrial infrastructure (industrial estates, growth centres, etc) are also studied in detail. The report also examines the sufficiency of industry support services like Banking facilities, Development agencies, consultants, testing facilities, training etc, to suggest suitable service activities for supporting industrial activity in the state. A list of items - resource based and demand based - is identified and published in the reports.
The District Industrial Potentiality reports prepared during the past decade are available in soft copy at the Institute. Interested persons may contact the office for the same.